The goal of this blog is to share some of my experiences growing SaaS and ecommerce revenue teams with SaaS enthusiasts, sales leaders and startups.

I am an average guy with around 8 years of experience helping to build SaaS and ecommerce companies. I started my career as a developer, with an undergrad degree in Computer Information Systems from Clark Atlanta University. My technology background has shaped my sales career in more ways than one. I went on to program at the Fortune 10 level at Ford Motor Company, until realizing that, while I loved tech, I was more passionate about working with people versus programs.

I left Ford to do my MBA at the University of Texas at Austin Mccombs School of Business, where I studied Entrepreneurship and Strategy. During school I co-founded my first startup, TrunkFest, but my most formidable lessons around building revenue teams come from my time at Bigcommerce, Shopgate and Newgistics (acquired by Pitney Bowes).

From optimizing new outbound sales teams, to growing sales nearly 8x in less than a year, to leading a team of highly talented people working with Global Fortune 2000, IR 500 and Inc 500 companies, there are certain methods and approaches that have helped us be successful. However, above all of the methods, the common denominator was a group of highly talented individuals that decided to commit to excellence.